• Walker's/Capital Movers

2020 Long Service & Kudos Stars

As we make our way further into 2021, we wanted to pause a moment to recognize some of our superstar movers and staff in 2020. This year was a little different - we weren’t able to gather to make award presentations, but we did acknowledge a number of people for their long service with our moving company, as well as others for outstanding customer service via our Kudos Project.

Doing right by our customers and our staff is a priority at Walker’s/Capital. Neither customer care nor employee care can be done well on its own. Looking after our employees ensures they are in turn able to look after our customers, and happy customers mean we can continue to stay in business, keep our staff employed, and provide quality services to our communities.

We are both humbled and heartened when it comes time to recognize staff for their time with our Group. When we add up the combined years of experience, expertise, and dedication that results from long-serving staff, we know we can stand by our promise of a great move that we make to our customers.

Thus, we recognize, with immense gratitude and respect, the following staff for their continued service at Walker’s/Capital:

30 Years

Barb M. (Kingston)

27 Years

Blaine T. (Kingston)

15 Years

Erica G. (Kingston)

5 Years

Kerry-Ann A. (Trenton)

Arnold B. (Trenton)

Greg J. (Ottawa)

The Kudos Project lets us acknowledge and reward staff for going above and beyond at work - typically in delivering an exceptional level of customer service. Each month Kudos points are issued based on customer and peer feedback. At the end of the year we identify overall top performing staff in each quarter and one for the entire year. These awards are based on the ratio of Kudos points earned to orders serviced.

In 2020 our Kudos superstars were:

Annual - Jason C.

Quarterly - Ed B. (Trenton), Adam D. (Deep River), Adam R. (Kingston), Davis F. (Kingston)

Thank you to all of our staff, in a particularly challenging year, for keeping each other and our customers safe, and still rising to the top and providing a great move, time and time again.