• Walker's/Capital Movers

Our Super Movers: 2018 Kudos Winners

The results are in and we are very proud to begin announcing the 2018 Annual and Quarterly Kudos Award recipients.

The Kudos Project has existed in our Group since 2012 and provides recognition to staff who go above and beyond - customer feedback, peer recognition, and other sources help shine a light on the efforts of staff who are going the extra mile. Each month points are awarded to staff who've made a positive impression on customers, community, or fellow staff. The annual and quarterly awards are based on a ratio of total points received and orders serviced.

Since the Project's inception, and as of the end of January 2019, we are proud to have awarded more than 7700 Kudos Points to our staff. We thank our customers sincerely for regularly taking the time to let us know how we've done during delivery of service.

We're starting with a now two-time Annual Kudos Champ, Tony Moniz. He's taken the honour for 2018, as well as the 2nd Quarter award. He was the annual winner in 2015 and a quarterly winner in 2016. Tony is serious about the quality of service he provides customers, and it shows. He and his crew are often requested by name on repeat moves. Tony's been with Capital since 2007 and sets the bar high for incoming staff. We're very happy to name him the Kudos Champ for 2018 and even happier that he continues to be part of the Walker's/Capital Group team. Thank you, Tony, for you commitment to excellence.

Blaine Thomas, mover and long-time member of the team, receives the first quarter Kudos award for 2018. Well done, Blaine, and thank you for your ongoing commitment to great customer service. Blaine is another of our staff who is often requested and mentioned by customers.

Aydan Stinson, a mover at our Kingston location, has been with us for nearly two years and in that time has proven himself a reliable member of the team with a keen sense of duty and strong work ethic. Aydan received the fourth quarter award for Kudos in 2018 this week. Congrats Aydan and thank you for your steadfastness and quality service!