Looking for a ballpark estimate of how much your move will cost? A local move typically ranges from $825-$3000* (depending on the size of your dwelling and your needs). For long-distance moves, which are over 100km, the range is roughly $690-$7400* (in province) or $1200-$14,000* (cross country). Please note that prices are approximate and may vary depending on a variety of factors including location, complexity, season and additional services.  For the most accurate price, an in-house survey and personalized estimate is required. To set up a time for an estimate, please get in touch with us here.

*Price Disclaimer

How much does an estimate cost?

How do you come up with the price?

Are supplies included in the price?

Can you also pack my stuff?

How much is it per pound?

What is included with the move?

Do you move on weekends?

Do you match other quotes?

Can we store for a short period

 for free?

What is the price to move an "average size house?"

What do you charge per hour for a move?

How much is it to move a piano?

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