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Moving To-Do List: How to save money - be prepared!

At Capital Movers & Storage and Walker’s Van & Storage, we want you to have the best move ever. That's why we've written these tips and tricks to help you do just that.

You might be wondering, do I do it myself? Do I hire movers? How much will it cost? No matter what you decide, taking the time to carefully plan your move will not only help you save money but will also help everything go smoothly!

Moving day will come quickly, so keep these things in mind:

  a) reduce the amount of items to be moved   b) prepare your home and belongings for the movers   c) if possible, be flexible with moving dates

As you pack try to:

1. De-clutter (if you’re moving long distance weight will be a factor). Books, canned food items and furniture are the usual culprits. What to do?

  • Box up your non-perishable food items for the local food bank. Our movers will deliver them for you.

  • Gather up unwanted items and donate them to community organizations. Some of these groups will even come pick up your stuff.

  • Try selling your extra items online. Facebook has local groups for resale and bartering of used items; Kijiji is tried and true; and eBay could work for collectibles or higher end items.

2. Consider used boxes if you’re packing yourself. We sell them at a discounted rate.

3. Avoid using baskets and bags, particularly for odds and ends. Boxes (or totes) provide better protection for your belongings and are easier to sort.

4. Consolidate your belongings into one, easy to access room. This saves time for the movers which saves you money.

  • If you can, disassemble big furniture like beds (our movers will do this for you, but it can save time).

  • Take down workshops and pack tools separately from workbenches.

  • Prepare appliances for moving (our consultants can explain this further).

5. Label your boxes with the rooms they need to go in at the final destination. Again, more efficiency, more savings.

6. Move during the off season. Moving outside of the summer months could save you hundreds of dollars on your move.

7. Ask us about a fixed price if you’re moving a long distance. That will guarantee your cost so if the move is a bit heavier, you will only pay the fixed price.

We’ve been making moving as easy as possible for our clients for generations. From the first time you contact us through to the last box unpacked and the couch placed just right, our experienced staff and excellent service are here for you.

Still have a question or want to get a precise quote? Contact us for more information or to book your best move ever.


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