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Use our handy contact form for pricing and information on any of our services.


Moving locally? Enter your email address here and we'll send you ballpark pricing.

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*Price Disclaimer

Prices are approximate. The listed costs include the moving truck, moving pads, floor runners, upholstery/mattress covers, wardrobe cartons, and moving equipment such as dollies. The costs also include travel time, the fuel surcharge, and increased Carrier Liability which provides compensation in the case of damage or loss during the move. Prices do not include large appliances.

How much does an estimate cost?

Absolutely nothing! Our estimates are no-cost, no-obligation, so you can make sure  we're the right fit for you! 

How do you come up with the price?

The price of your move is determined by the type of move you're looking to undertake and several common factors. The very best way to get the most accurate estimate of the cost is to first have one our moving consultants come out to view or survey all that you plan to move as well as the space from which you are moving.  We will also consider factors like the space you're moving to, the timeline for your move, and any extra services..

Local moves are based on the time it takes to complete your move, including the time between our terminal and your residences. The estimated cost will be generated by the estimated duration of your move and the number of movers assigned. Long distances between truck and residence, stairs, tight spaces, extra pickups or deliveries, can all add to the duration and thus increase the cost. Increased carrier liability and a fuel surcharge make up the total cost as well.

Long distance moves are based on a tariff - which is published annually by the van line. This is a table of rates based on the distance of the move and the weight of the items being moved. Some cities have a surcharge associated with them. The cost of replacement coverage will make up part of the total cost of the move also. Tariffs can include discounts which vary seasonally and with volume so your price will be reduced by these.

If you are having us pack your belongings, we will provide an estimate of packing costs as well. This is based on either the number of cartons packed or a rate based on the weight of the amount packed. The estimate will calculate both and include the lesser cost.

Are supplies included in the price?

Some are! If you are moving with us and we have them in stock, you can enjoy complimentary used moving cartons. For all moves, items such as wardrobe cartons and bags for upholstered furniture and mattresses are included. Additionally, the moving pads that are used to wrap and protect your furniture and the runners used to protect your floors are included in the fee.

Can you also pack my stuff?

Of course! If you don't have time to pack or you want it done right, we can send professional packers to do it all for you. Read more here.

How much is it per pound?

The cost "per pound" really only applies to long distance moves (as local moves are priced based on the time to complete your move) and depends on the weight of your shipment (how much you're moving) and the distance of your move. The actual rate will be found in the van line's annual tariff (a publication setting forth the charges, rates, rules, regulations or other provisions related to a motor carrier’s transportation services). When you receive an estimate from our moving consultant, the rate, as generated by the tariff, will be displayed in your estimate. It will be expressed as $$/cwt - which is a rate per hundred pounds.

What is included with the move?

Generally speaking, what is included is what you've requested.

The most common service is moving - that is - movers and truck - to arrive at your origin, prepare your belongings for transportation (wrap and pad furniture, cover mattresses and upholstered furniture in plastics, dissassemble beds and other bulky items (within certain terms - some items you would be responsible to take apart), move all of your furniture and cartons carefully into the truck, drive to your new location, and deliver all the furniture and cartons into the appropriate rooms at your new home, unwrapping and padding and reassembling as indicated. Our movers can bring wardrobe boxes on moving day in which to place all of your hanging clothes from closets.

Many people chose to purchase packing (and unpacking) services also. Packing usually takes place the day before your move day and includes our team bringing all required packing supplies to your home and carefully packaging up all the items you've requested us to pack. We label the cartons based on the room in which they were packed (or are meant to be placed in at destination) and provided detailed summary of the contets of each carton. The packer's name or initials typically is indicated on your packed cartons as well. We can also coordinate special services such as crating, or appliance preparation - based on your request.

When you receive an estimate from us, what is included in your move will be clearly itemized..

Do you move on weekends?

Most of our moves take place during the week, however we do occasionally provide moving services on weekends. This depends on crew availability. As well, the rates tend to be a bit higher to include the overtime that weekend work incurs for our crews.

Do you match other quotes?

We don't have a price matching program. We find that our estimates/costs are sometimes higher than those of other comparable moving companies and sometimes lower. Generally when comparing quotes you want to look beyond the rate or bottom line - making sure you are comparing the same thing (the weight or time has been estimated within the same range), and then look at what else is in the estimate - is there replacement coverage, for example. Local moves are charged based on actual time so if the move takes longer than the estimate, you may be paying more than expected. A good estimate should do a realistic job of providing for the duration of a move. If you find there are significant discrepancies between the estimates you've obtained, it's good practice to go back to the moving consultant and ask why.

A local move may have a very low hourly rate because the estimate has allotted just two movers to the job but the move may then take a great deal longer than another estimate with a higher hourly rate based on a crew of four or five movers. Longer moves can also trigger overtime rates so the low hourly rate may not be the best measure of a cost effective move.

Can we store for a short period
 for free?

Any period of storage is usually billable. If you are moving long distance with containers, you may receive a period of time of storage in the containers at no extra cost. This and any other consideration depends on what you have discussed with your moving consultant. But in general, storage is billable.

What is the price to move an "average size house?"

Moving locally? Use our email form and we'll send you ballpark pricing.

What do you charge per hour for a move?

Our hourly rates vary based on the size of the crew assigned to your move and when you're moving. Peak times (month end, summer) may see higher rates due to volume and demand. Mid month and fall/winter/early spring months can typically offer lower rates. Our estimates for local moves will display the hourly rate being charged for your move along with the number of movers and the expected duration of the move - to provide you with an overall estimated cost for your move. No surprises. We welcome you to get in touch for an accurate, personalized estimate of costs for your move.

How much is it to move a piano?

The cost of a piano move, assuming this is a local move, will involve an hourly charge for a crew of at least three movers, but typically four for all but the smallest pianos, and the time to complete the move. We have a three-hour minimum charge but depending on where the piano is located (top floor, basement, cottage on a rocky remote island), and how far it is travelling, you may find that the move will take longer than the minimum time. Our moving consultant would assess the parameters of your move and provide you with an accurate estimate of costs for your piano move.

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