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Moving Your Vehicle

Moving long distance but not driving? How to get your vehicle to your new home.

We can arrange for the transportation of your automobile by a third party company. This is an extra service, the cost additional to the price for your move itself but we can handle all the details and ensure a seamless integration of your car transport into your overall move.

When it’s time, you simply bring your vehicle to our office, we’ll inspect the car with you and complete a Vehicle Condition Report at origin and then you’ll be notified once your vehicle arrives at destination. At destination it is your responsibility to re-check the vehicle’s condition against the report completed at origin.

Insurance coverage for shipping your vehicle will be determined separately from the coverage for your household contents. If you purchase coverage, our liability is limited to the Black Book value for cars and trucks (and current market value for other vehicles).

Alternatively, your vehicle can travel at the released rate (no additional cost) of $0.60/pound even if you’ve purchased replacement value protection for your household goods.

Additional tips and guidelines:

  • only permanently attached accessories and tools for changing tires may be shipped with the vehicle

  • remove hubcaps and secure in the trunk

  • do not leave any articles in the vehicle

  • vehicles must be in running condition and contain proper amount of oil and a minimum of 1/4 tank of gasoline

  • if travelling in cold months, ensure there is sufficient anti-freeze in the radiator to prevent damage

  • wash your vehicle prior to dropping it off so that the Vehicle Condition Report will be accurate

If you are moving your car overseas or to the US there will be additional requirements - typically based on the regulations of the destination country. Your moving consultant is experienced with overseas and international moving and can guide you in this process.

If you interested in hearing more about our moving options, and hearing what we can do for you, feel free to get in touch with us here.


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