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Student Moving Tips

Moving as a student can be a big deal. This may be your first, or one of the first times living on your own, and you want everything to go smoothly. With a little careful planning and dedication, it can! Read our tips below on how to have a stress-free student move.


  1. Know your dates – (1) when can you get into your new place (2) when must you be out of your current place.

  2. As soon as possible contact local movers or truck/trailer rental for cost estimates and book a service.

  3. Keep yourself on track – make a checklist, organized by dates.

  4. Identify what you’ll move and what you want to discard or re-home. Start early if you can. Be considerate – if you are discarding old furniture or other bulky items find out when/how it can be picked up – don’t leave it behind for someone else to deal with. Check out these City of Kingston Links for disposal requirements, options and alternatives: Waste Alternatives and Spring Moves.

  5. Coordinate and communicate! Work with your housemates and flatmates so that you’re not all trying to move out and in at the same time – it will be very busy both inside and outside the house! Make sure your landlords know when you’ll be out and in … they’ll need time to clean up the house for your arrival (or after your departure) and some landlords like to be present on move day to assist.


  1. Obtain packing materials – boxes or totes and packing paper for fragile items. Don’t forget tape!

  2. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes. Keep valuables and important paperwork with you.

  3. Check out our blog on our best packing tips.


  1. DIY? Make sure you are comfortable driving your vehicle, have any tie-downs you’ll need, sussed out a parking spot – start early in the day – avoid the crowd.

  2. Using a mover? – Check in with them the day before for an approximate arrival time. Be ready for them. Ensure you’ve provided your movers with your contact information (cell phone) and any access instructions for origin and destination. Make sure you have arranged for payment and understand how the charges will be calculated for your move to avoid delays and confusion at delivery.

  3. Be ready to go – Make sure all your goods are securely packed and ready for loading.


  1. Make sure you have a knife to assist in opening boxes and cutting them down for recycling.

  2. Go online to the City’s “Waste” page to find out when and how you can dispose of all your refuse/recycling.

  3. Don’t leave your cardboard in the elements to get soggy – it won’t be recyclable and will be an eyesore.


Roommates squabbling? Need to focus on your exams? Fear not - we are here to help. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you to help you have the best move ever.


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