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The best way to obtain an accurate estimate

Quotes completed over the phone or online can give you a ballpark – only an in-home visual survey can provide the most realistic estimate of your moving costs.

An in-home, pre-move visual survey is a visit to your house by your professional moving consultant. Your consultant will first contact you to set up an appointment that fits your schedule and the appointment will take about an hour (for the average home).

This is the only and best way for the consultant, who will be quoting on your move, to see everything you will be moving, ask you questions about what you will be taking, what you will be discarding before the move, any additional services you may require, and also, an excellent chance for you to ask any questions you may have about the moving process. Take advantage of the fact that you have a relocation expert in your home – at no cost!

During the survey your consultant will:

  • estimate the weight of your shipment

  • estimate your packing requirements and note any special items (if you are considering packing services)

  • discuss your needs and any extra services, e.g. appliance servicing, crating, shuttle service, vehicle transport

  • review the move plan which includes access at origin and destination, delivery schedule, elevator arrangements, closing dates, etc.

  • offer suggestions and options to meet your needs and fit your budget

After the visit your consultant will follow-up within 24 hours to provide you with a written estimate. He or she may provide you with more than one quote if several service plans were discussed. Your estimate will be sent to you via the means you’ve specified – email, mail, fax or otherwise.

If you are living in a town other than where we are located, our consultant will either travel to your origin residence to complete the survey or arrange for a partner agent in your town to complete the survey on our behalf.

Remember – many companies will provide quotes over the phone or internet without ever seeing your goods and home but the best way to ensure a careful, complete and ACCURATE estimate is an in-home visual survey conducted by your moving consultant. Want to get started? Book your no-cost, no-obligation in-home survey online right here.


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