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A Doggone Great Day!

Let us give your dog a break on moving day!

KINGSTON, ON - Moving day can be stressful for humans and their furkids alike. A common concern is what to do with your family dog on the day of the move itself - with doors wide open and strange people coming and going, the day can be hectic for pets, if not completely nerve-wracking. For the humans trying to keep an eye on the dog and their mind on the move, it can be extra challenging to direct movers and tend to other needs of the day.

In partnership with Whozagooddog, a canine enrichment centre located in Kingston, ON, our Capital Kingston location offers customers an option for their pups on moving day. Whozagooddog provides daily care and play opportunities for dogs. On moving day, via our Doggone Great Day perk, pups in transit can spend the day walking, running, playing, lounging and hanging out with other dogs instead of dodging movers' feet, trailing after busy family members, and wondering where the heck their toys are going.

If you're a dog-parent in the Kingston area and you've got a move coming up, be sure to ask us about our Doggone Great Day offer - a day for your dog at Whozagooddog, on us! We'll get you the info you need to get in touch with the centre and you can determine if the service is a fit, and if so, we'll foot the bill!

Our mandate is to do everything we can to help you have the best move ever - and a really big part of that is reducing stress for our customers and their family members - both two-legged and four. We think this option can make a hectic day a little less disruptive for both humans and their canine companions.

Sound like we're barking up the right tree? Get in touch today!

Qualifying moves include local moves of four+ hours (van & 3) and long-distance moves.


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