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Boxes for ShelterBox

When you purchase moving boxes or packing supplies from Walker's and Capital, you not only support local business, you also provide disaster relief and aid to families in need.

Why ShelterBox?

Disasters, whether a result of natural causes, human conflict, or the ravaging intersection of both, leave thousands of people worldwide without the elements of survival and basic comfort about which many of us mayn’t think twice, beyond simple gratitude, when times are good.

Shelter, clean water, food, warmth, light, education, a livelihood … these are basic rights that can be far out of reach when disaster strikes.

ShelterBox responds directly to the most  remote and vulnerable communities when and where these disasters occur by providing relief in the form of tools, temporary shelter and support to meet the needs of the people left in the aftermath. ShelterBox’s scope is global and before delivering the aid they assess the specific and unique requirements of each community and situation to ensure the greatest positive impact can be made with their support.

How We (and You!) Help

To support the work of ShelterBox Canada we donate 25% of the sales of new moving boxes and packing materials at each of our branches.

The sales of of used moving boxes will be donated in entirety (100%) to ShelterBox. Our customers may choose to utilize used moving boxes at no charge with their booked move or purchase those cartons (at the reduced used material rate) and make that 100% donation to ShelterBox. We feel this choice can make the donation a more meaningful and personal experience for our customers if they select this option.

JAN 2023 UPDATE: Since its start in 2018, the WCG Boxes for ShelterBox program has generated nearly $9500 in donations to ShelterBox Canada. We offer heartfelt thanks to the Walker's/Capital customers who've made this gift possible. These funds mean that many families have received shelter and the tools they need to recover having lost their homes and possessions.

What the help means ...

The aid comes in a variety of formats. ShelterBoxes, ShelterKits, and SchoolBoxes contain tools to begin rebuilding communities and families from the ground up. Items like a sturdy, waterproof, family-sized tent and thermal blankets offer refuge and security while homes are rebuilt and repaired. Water purification equipment and cooking utensils facilitate providing meals. Shovels, saws and hoes assist with repair efforts and restarting sustaining activities like farming. Children’s activity kits and SchoolBoxes assist with the resumption of vital education.

ShelterBox response teams, made up of highly trained volunteers, hand deliver the support to families in affected regions. The cost of support includes shipping the boxes and kits and delivering them right to the families in need. ShelterBoxes and SchoolBoxes cost $1200. ShelterKits (heavy duty tarps, tools and building materials) are $150 and can be paired with any of the aid items from the ShelterBoxes.

From Alf Evan, ShelterBox Operations Manager: "Since ShelterBox began in 2000, your support has helped us provide shelter for more than 2 million people. Two million people who not only have protection from the elements, but a place to call home." Learn more about ShelterBox's global impact here.

Examples of past response efforts include:

  • September 2017 - Hurricanes Maria and Irma - aid is being delivered to six Caribbean countries to support shelter and rebuilding

  • September 2017 - Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh - heavy duty tarps, rope, solar lights and water carriers for families in refugee camps

  • August 2017 - Flooding in Bangladesh - Aid for 3,000 families.

  • May 2017 - Drought in Somaliland - ShelterBoxes for 500 families and another shipment coming

Read more about the current work of ShelterBox in their Operations Update.

About ShelterBox Canada:

ShelterBox Canada is a registered charity that has been a part of the global ShelterBox network since 2010.

They have a team of more than 120 volunteers across the country.

There are ten Canadian ShelterBox Response Team members who work tirelessly with the rest of the international Response Team to deliver aid to families who need it around the world.

Thank you for helping us give back.


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