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Moving and your Pets

There are many things to consider when it comes to move day and your pets.Your best resource for professional advice is your veterinarian.

Some general guidelines and tips are included here for your reference.

Moving companies cannot transport live animals on moving vans. You will need to transport your pets in your own car or via plane, train or a pet transport company. Your moving consultant can assist with arranging for special pet transport or advising what to ask airlines.

At home … while the movers are loading, ensure your pets are confined so they do not escape out open doors. They will be more stressed sensing the change. A fenced backyard, a crate or a closed bedroom can provide a haven for them. Repeat this at destination when the movers are delivering your goods.

If you are moving long distance the preparations for your pet’s transport will need to be more comprehensive:

  • ensure you have a crate, kennel or cage, lined with absorbent bedding

  • feed and water your pet no later than four (4) hours prior to travelling

  • exercise your pet before confining them for travel

  • provide comfort and remove leashes and collars once they are in their crate/cage

  • give a familiar blanket or toy

  • administer any sedatives or medication if directed by your vet

At your new home, understand that your pet may need time to adjust to new surroundings. If you have an outdoor pet, especially a cat, do not let them roam until they are used to their new home otherwise they may try to return to the old house. Place bowls, beds, toys in familiar spots and keep to a regular schedule to provide as much consistency and calm as possible.

Small animals such as hamsters, bunnies and guinea pigs will settle in pretty quickly. A change in water supply may give them an upset stomach – check with your vet if this persists. Ask your moving consultant for transport guidelines and advice for these types of pets. Fish and birds will require additional special care and your vet and pet specialists, as well as your moving consultant can provide additional guidelines.


Did you know that here at Walker's/Capital, we offer a "Doggone Great Day" deal for your furry friends? If you're a dog-parent in the Kingston area and you've got a move coming up, we'll get you in touch with the "Whozagooddog" canine enrichment centre, and if it seems like the right fit for you pet, we'll foot the bill! This way, you can focus on moving knowing that your four-legged pal is being taken care of! Read more about this offer on our blog here.


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